I'm Amanda Meredith..  with the last name, Chin a.k.a. Qian.

I grew up with many nicknames, most of which were given to me by my fam and foes. But today, the majority of people would recognize me by the username of charmandxr.  I mean you can call me anything you like.....   Just don't call me up early in the morning.

2.2 decades old, somewhat introverted, hoping to express myself better through writing. A part-time dreamer and a full-time sloth. Yes, I can be really contradicting at times due to the lack of extra sleep.  Read more about me to know more about me.

Daughter of Jesus  Dog Enthusiast  A true Homebody  Ex-Jaywalker  Artisan @ Ante Meridiem Studio.
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  Currently in Singapore.
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